About Our Process

We teach our clients how to develop and operate efficient sales and marketing programs built to produce results and a higher return on investment.

k.douglas marketing is a firm of strategists and coaches creating unique marketing and sales programs for every client. We examine their business strengths and culture to utilize as the core to produce new opportunities. Our strategies and implementation programs are all specifically designed for each and every company so we can produce maximum results and maximum return on investment.

Marketing Alignment and Strategic Development Focus

k.douglas marketing develops marketing strategies based on our clients’ business goals, desired market position, sales goals, and growth expectations. We seek to discover emerging or robust opportunities to create new focused business opportunities and target markets. We TEACH and COACH our client business owners and their sales team how to achieve specified financial goals through our stronger sales and marketing tactics.

Sales Training Development

We develop stronger sales teams. By combining high-level sales and marketing techniques, we train sales staffs how to build the skills to locate, manage, and close the very best opportunities. Through our training, they develop the skills to implement successful customer retention and potential client list management programs.

Strategic Branding with Results

We develop our clients’ brand to align with their sales efforts for the highest brand recognition while simultaneously producing results.


We test and measure all of our strategic marketing programs so they align with our client’s sales expectations and ROI.

We Produce Results

At k.douglas marketing, we believe in results-driven marketing and top-notch sales training. We deliver our clients a marketing return on investment that grows their business. Contact us to find out more and learn how to maximize your ROI.