The Biggest Marketing Takeaway From The Election

This election was not only intriguing, but it also provided details we can use as valuable information when it comes to marketing our businesses.  If you include the inaccurate forecasts, combined with unexpected results from voters exercising their own free will, you start to focus less on “why did this happen” and look more closely at “how did this happen?”

The first lesson we can learn from the election is about data collection.  With all the sophisticated analytical models, and access to high quality data, how did the election get forecasted so inaccurately? The critical lesson for the business owner is this – simply getting access to data is just not enough. It’s no longer possible to conclude the right business predictions without having culture as part of the analysis. If a business knows the culture of its customers, it can uncover emerging opportunities or changes in their customers buying habits more rapidly than their competition. The result our election show us – it’s more critical now than ever to make sure the inclusion of culture is in your analytical models.

Personally, I don’t believe overall “Big Data” should be disregarded in every circumstance. However, what we witnessed was how unexamined and hidden culture can produce wildly inaccurate predictions. Sometimes grassroots or small data can actually be a better method when building a database to improve your marketing and grow your business.

The next tactic we can learn from this election is the right method of communication. With all the coverage, the press didn’t really seem to sway public opinion; Americans wanted to make their own choice without media interference. The Internet now offers every consumer the option to do their own research to form opinions. Basically, savvy consumers are committed to becoming smarter about researching their decisions, whether they are choosing a candidate or buying your product or service.

So details you can take away from this election to help you grow your business are simply understand your customer’s culture, include small or grassroots data, and make darn sure you are presenting the correct messages. Don’t be too tied to expert opinions. Use research that includes culture examination so you can be adaptable, fluid, and willing to change with your customers needs.  Know the consumer is doing Internet research now more than ever. Make sure your content marketing is current and the correct reflection of your business. This election was the perfect example of how the combination of Internet and social media can support unprecedented results.

As strategic marketers, we are constantly scanning business and consumer environments for our clients. Our job is to search "what is happening" and seek emerging or robust opportunities and target markets to produce higher return on investment. If you need help getting your marketing strategy aligned with your business goals for 2017, feel free to reach out to us at 502-240-6442.