Make 2017 Great Using These Simple Tips

If you want to see significant financial growth in 2017, start by using the remaining time in 2016 to prepare. Having a solid plan gives you a process for ensuring success.

Plan Your Budget for 2017
If you haven’t planned your 2017 budget, this needs to be completed immediately. Be sure you have allocated enough people and money to accomplish your goals for 2017. Your marketing budget should depend on how much you have to invest and how quickly you want to see results. Be realistic, but plan cohesively with your anticipated sales goals.

Determine Your Sales Growth by Month
It’s a common thought “sales is a numbers game therefore set realistic goals based off selling history.” The real key is finding the balance between setting a goal too large to accomplish and a goal too low to achieve your planned revenue increases. Be realistic but if you don’t push or stretch yourself, or the sales team, how will the business ever deliver the revenue for your financial growth goals?

Examine Your Sales Process
Make sure your sales process is set up to actually close the quality and quantity of prospects you need to reach the company’s sales goals. Be cohesive; everyone selling for your business should be following the same process for qualifying and closing prospects. Document your sales process to measure results and be sure to have a marketing follow-up plan to support your selling process efficiently and effectively.

Document Your Marketing Strategy
Prioritize the goals you've identified and then develop a quarterly phased approach to achieve results over 2017. Depending on the what you pinpointed, make sure your marketing tactics mirror your sales results by creating: a written follow up sales process, daily or weekly media interactions, and expected lead generation from your marketing.

Track Your Progress and Marketing Success
Establish your metrics for measuring success before the start of 2017. Try to meet weekly to review the sales and marketing progress so you can immediately adjust, identify and solve issues. Plan to be flexible and evolve your marketing as 2017 progresses. The best tracking processes teach how to learn from your mistakes and celebrate your victories.

As strategic marketers, we are constantly scanning business and consumer environments for our clients. Our job is to search "what is happening" and seek emerging or robust opportunities and target markets to produce higher return on investment. If you need help getting your marketing strategy aligned with your business goals for 2017, feel free to reach out to us.