Is It Time To Makeover Your Marketing?

There are several indicators that tell you when it’s time to make over your marketing. The number one indicator is the most obvious; it’s not producing any results. While this one is self-explanatory, here are some other indicators that your marketing needs work.

Your One-Year Plan
If you haven't pulled together a one-year plan, then your marketing efforts are not likely helping your business. It’s critical to take some time to determine your business objectives first, followed by creating a strategy, then revamping your branding and marketing efforts to reach your goals.

Fulfill Your Brand Promise
Your brand promise is a value statement of why your products or services are ideal for your target market. While your business likely offers lots of great features and benefits, your marketing will be at its most effective when you can state in words, and live up to, your most compelling values. Your brand promise needs to be deliverable and factual but must also have an emotional attachment. Be sure you are clearly stating your brand promise in your marketing.

Be Brand Strong
Do you consistently deliver your brand promise to your prospects in every interaction? Are your graphics, colors, and designs consistent with every single marketing component – from website to sales sheets to signage to everything your potential customers see? Inconsistent branding messages and visual graphics can confuse prospects, forcing them to abandon your business in search of one who continually meeting their expectations. Consider a redesign so everything matches to communicate a consistent branding message with consistent graphics at all times.

Check Out Your Competition
Are your competition’s branding and marketing looking better than yours? If your competitors' are delivering their brand promise in every brand interaction and messaging, they are very likely outshining your business. Make a change and do it quickly. Do not engage in “Me too” marketing. Don’t keep pace with them; stay ahead of the curve by not copying any of your competitors' marketing. Your goal is to sound better than your competitors, or why else would prospects want to do business with you? Use your differentiating factors and your brand promise to create your unique marketing content.

Marketing Content & Your Website
Your website can be your 24/7, lead generating, sales machine. While Content Marketing is becoming over saturated, it is still critical and very effective. Especially on your website where your business needs to stand out and content quality needs to be it’s very best. Remember, your website is one of your businesses most important marketing tools. Your potential clients are researching your business through the Internet, so your content is critical. Make sure your website offers them all the information they need and use original topics and unique viewpoints no other company can offer. Also, keep it current with new content, white papers, and media updates so potential customers know your content is fresh.

Narrow Down Social Media
Since social media is becoming more diverse and complicated, you need to be more selective. If you want to be successful using social media, your business needs to laser focus on which media your audience is following. You can experiment with different social medias until you find the right ones prospects use. Or perhaps more efficiently, clearly define your prospects, and then apply data to understand the differences between Millennial, Gen X, and Baby Boomer. Select which social medias and messaging appeal to them to know how to get the best results.

As strategic marketers, we are constantly scanning business and consumer environments for our clients. Our job is to search "what is happening" and seek emerging or robust opportunities and target markets to produce a high return on investment. If you need help getting your marketing strategy aligned with your business goals for 2017, feel free to reach out to us.