Positioning the Second Quarter For Success

Are you on the right track with your first quarter sales? Now is the time to examine how well your business performed in the first three months and to plan what you can do in the second quarter to improve your overall success for 2017.

Start by reviewing sales
The first thing to do in the second quarter is to figure out why your sales met their goals or maybe why they didn’t. Be curious and analytical so you can determine what marketing tactics to replicate or remove. If necessary, consider developing some new strategies. Look for both internal and external factors when making your assessment. Be sure to analyze your pipeline. If your marketing generates plenty of opportunities, try to discover why the leads converted to sales or why they did not.  Your pipeline should have at least three times the revenue needed at all times.

Examine marketing messaging
Be honest with yourself; your customers run the show. With so much information at their fingertips, they decide when they will shop and how they are going to do it.  Re-examine your marketing messaging to be sure it is sharp and differentiates the business.  One of the most stressful jobs for business owners is creating truly differentiated customer experiences. Additionally, make sure your marketing has the right messaging. Let your clients know about the things they are interested in, not what you think they want to know. If you need help finding out your customers interest, use surveys or social media. Remember, customers want to engage in your messaging but on their terms, not yours.

Try new engagement strategies
One key to engagement is providing your clients with exclusive content or opportunities.  Consider offering some new ways for customers to engage and learn more about your business. Relevant information, such as a case study or newly released details in a blog, can showcase the success of products, services, or special programs. Or give customers an offer or special service if they subscribe to your email newsletter or social media.

As strategic marketers, we are constantly scanning business and consumer environments for our clients. Our job is to search "what is happening" and seek emerging or robust opportunities and target markets to produce a high return on investment. If you need help getting your marketing strategy aligned with your business goals for 2017, please feel free to reach out to us.