Three Tips To Improve Personalized Marketing

The latest buzz in 2018 is all about personalized marketing. I’m not referring to social media but direct marketing used to drive results. While most customers have now come to expect and demand it, the question for 2018 – is your business using it correctly to obtain sales growth?

According to John Collins in his article “Personalize Your Marketing In 2018” the most common use of personalized marketing is emails - about 87%. So here are the top three tips for getting it right this year.

Tip #1 - Decide Which Behaviors Warrant A Response
You need to use real-time data.  Message personalization comes to life when you have behavioral data to drive the next step. Know what behaviors, including what steps the user will or will not take, are worthy of sending a message. Start by defining your desired outcomes if you're unsure what these necessary actions should be.  Build a profile of what a successful customer looks like then determine what steps they need to complete before they can be considered engaged. From this information, you can decide the strategies to create the right messaging to encourage your customers to buy.

Tip #2 - Prioritize The Reactions And Behaviors
Know your customers. What perceived value your product or service has to you, or even your marketing department for that matter, may not be the same value to your customer. You need reliable research to know what your customers value about your product or service. Just because a message you send is personal doesn't mean it has value. Do your research and know the proper behavior response before you send the message. Know the important ones; you can’t load your customer's inbox with messages for every single action they take.

The advise of John Collins is to make sure your behavior-based messages are relevant and timely, and have a clear priority. As an example, customers will receive a welcome email, but leave them alone for the next few days before you send the follow-up message.

Tip #3 - Use Data and Research to Truly Understand The Customer
Having great data centered around the actions customers take about your product tells only one part of the story. While robust reaction data is among the most potent kind of information you can recognize, you need to know as much as you can to send personalized messages.

Locate as many signals as possible before your next move by determining how many previous messages are opened. Know what further interest is shown by the individual "clicked through" links to gain additional knowledge. Research their business and role; know who wants to learn more. It’s also essential to research individuals who opted out of your messaging to gain an understanding of the best possible customer profiles. Who isn’t interested is just as important as who is.

Tactics such as “spray and pray” marketing are long gone because there are so many great direct marketing tools available at your fingertips.  Seek to personalize your messaging correctly for a stellar customer engagement strategy. Once in place, writing the perfect message is much simpler and more successful.

At k.douglas marketing as strategic marketers, we are continually scanning business and consumer environments for our clients. Feel free to reach out for our expertise if your company needs help getting your marketing strategy and sales aligned with your business goals for 2018. Our job is to search what is happening and seek emerging or robust opportunities and target markets to produce a higher return on investment.