Six Quick Tips To Increase Marketing Engagement

The goal of your marketing should be to convert the audience into customers. However, it’s not possible to achieve any results unless your content manages to capture your target audience. Try the following quick tips to create more engaging content.

1. Draw The Audience In From The Start

It’s the beginning that sets the tone. Both headlines and introductions should do more than explain the topic but make readers want to read further.

2. Use Video, Infographics & Images

Using visual aids with written content will automatically engage more people. Buzzsumo conducted a study of more than one million articles and found: images will get double the shares, infographics or maps get even more shares, and videos get twice as many shares as images.

3. Be Credible - Show Your Data

People like trustworthy information. Back up content with evidence from other sources or do your own research or data analysis. Keep tabs on the latest research and developments in your industry to incorporate into your marketing.

4. Tell Stories

It’s proven stories put the brain to work and increase engagement. Incorporate into your marketing stories about your business and your customers.

5. Showcase Problem Solving

"How to" posts get 55% more views than any other type of marketing content. The easiest way to get someone's attention is to provide the solution to a problem. To create problem-solving content, use information from the minds of your target audience and your business’ solutions to those problems.

6. Smile Through Your Words

Always maintain a positive, upbeat tone and show you care. Marketing content should reflect a genuine interest in the target readers.

At k.douglas marketing as strategic marketers, we are continually scanning business and consumer environments for our clients. Feel free to reach out for our expertise if your company needs help getting your marketing strategy and sales aligned with your business goals for 2018. Our job is to search what is happening and seek emerging or robust opportunities and target markets so your marketing produces a higher return on investment.