Realigning the Marketing and Sales Team

For some businesses, marketing and sales teams seem to have a natural alignment. However, as companies grow, marketing and sales goals often don’t stay synced up. The addition or replacement of employees during growth is not always the reason for misalignment.  Communications and processes require adjustments so the teams can better understand each other’s focus and goals. Here are a few tips to help bring alignment back:

Lack of Communication
According to the infographic by InsideView, The Top Three Reasons Sales and Marketing Alignment Is Off, nearly half of all sales and marketing professionals agree lack of communication is the primary issue preventing each team from getting what they need from the other. Such as:

The sales team needs marketing to not only deliver quality leads but a large quantity of them. The team anticipates marketing to provide brand awareness through message personalization campaigns during lead nurturing. The idea is for the prospect to be educated before the sales team follow-up.

The marketing team needs the sales team to provide results of lead follow-up so the methods used for lead procurement can be thinned down to a higher success ratio. To successfully track results, they require consistent use of the marketing systems since feedback on campaigns is critical to moving the marketing forward in the right direction. Lastly, one of the most significant conflicts is “rogue marketing messaging.” The sales team needs to use the messaging and tools provided by marketing, so there is consistency in the overall strategy.

Discover The Disconnection
It's hard to find a meeting of the minds about where to begin the focus, especially when the disconnect is typically a result of different goals. Marketing’s emphasis is on creating brand awareness in specific segments, utilizing the right metrics while acquiring new ones, and obtaining top of funnel leads. While the sales teams goals are attaining their quota through focusing on gaining new accounts while maintaining current ones and speeding up the sales cycle to close deals. Since the focuses differ so significantly, it should be a priority for marketing and sales to have an understanding of the roles and goals. 

Begin with an initial meeting to discuss these roles so both teams can be exposed to the differences in goals but how the result is precisely the same. It can be challenging to find ways to push the required information back and forth but well worth spending the time to find the answers.

Keep A Strong Connection
After the initial meeting, something as simple as setting up regular follow-up meetings using a well thought out agenda can keep things moving in the right direction. The sessions should be short and centered on keeping the teams on task, but discussion points should include showing how they have been successful together.

Feel free to reach out for our expertise if your company needs help getting your marketing strategy and sales aligned with your business goals. As strategic marketers at k.douglas marketing, we are continually scanning business and consumer environments for our clients. Our job is to search and seek emerging or robust opportunities and target markets, so your marketing produces a higher return on investment.