Three Tips For Fresh Website Content

Having regular fresh content on your website is incredibly important because it’s more than just keeping your information current. It can also affect ranking signals. By the term “fresh content” I’m not referring to updating content on existing pages to try to appear “fresh” to the search engines. What I am referring to is new timely content added to your website.

According to Webfoundry Digital Marketing, the goal of a search engine is to provide users with information that best matches their search query. Search engine algorithms will determine the usefulness and accuracy of a given page and take into account some ranking signals, including the freshness of your content.

So what are the easiest ways to add fresh content?

Most websites don’t provide up-to-the-minute news and information or hot topics trending on the web; so, the majority of businesses need to create their own regular, fresh content. If your site offers services and products, you need to focus on providing relevant information to users on a regular basis. So here are a few quick tips to get your thoughts started with fresh content.

Tip 1 - Blogging
Writing a blog is the typical answer to new material. However, blogging is a commitment to creating frequent submissions. If the blogging ceases for an extended period, it can have a negative connotation. To keep up with the pace, try scheduling time in the week to prepare blog posts in advance. Create an internal calendar with dates, deadlines, and content ideas for several upcoming blogs and use downtime to work on them. If you are short on ideas, edit posts from past years to bring the information current. The updated version should have a new publish date, refreshed links to relevant sources, and different visual content to go along with the current information.

Tip 2 - Update A Static Homepage
The easiest way to get fresh information on a static home page is by adding plugins or sections that pull in content from recent news articles, blog postings, or even Instagram photos. Try housing a couple of these sections on your homepage, so fresh content is posting as often as possible. Again, making an internal calendar for these sections help you stay on top of what and when new material is posting.

Tip 3 - Get Users Involved
Lastly, encourage user-generated content through comments, forum posts, or questions to keep your site fresh. Once you’ve established the details your users desire to know or discuss, merely provide accurate, current, and well-written information to get the discussion going. Try posting new pages or articles and offer opportunities for users to make comments, ask questions, or post information.

Your website is a 24/7 selling employee. This employee needs to be speaking new and relevant information, to your potential and current customers, on a regular basis. At k.douglas marketing as strategic marketers, we are continually scanning business and consumer environments for our clients. Feel free to reach out for our expertise if your company needs help getting your marketing strategy and sales aligned with your business goals. Our job is to search what is happening and seek emerging or robust opportunities and target markets, so your marketing produces a higher return on investment.