Five Tips For The Perfect Email

As a Certified Constant Contact Partner, I like to pass on essential tips furnished to me. You may already be implementing some ideas I have discussed in the past, such as avoiding the spam folder by always getting permission before you send an email and including a link to unsubscribe. (Remember- legally all email marketing must contain a simple mechanism for subscribers to unsubscribe.) The tips in this article focus on effective email design to improve the chances of your email marketing getting to the inbox.  So, here are five quick and easy tips to a perfect email.

1.     Be Careful With Images – Use a balance of text and images and avoid emails that are a single image with minimal supporting text. Spammers utilize this tactic, so use multiple photos or graphics and text to avoid getting flagged as spam.

2.      Watch The Subject Lines - Be creative with subject lines but be clear as well. 69% of email recipients who report messages as spam do so based solely on the subject line. So always think about using the most precise subject lines you can.

3.     Audit Your Body Copy – Avoid using words that might identify your email as spam. Here is the link to a list from HubSpot to check for spammy words -  Also, excessive use of capital letters and punctuation marks can also trigger spam filters.

4.     Test Your Links – Make sure your readers get where they need to go. Before sending an email, check every link including photo links.

5.     Use A Real Person “reply to” Address – When someone replies to your email they should get a real person. Avoid using spammy reply emails such as “no reply” or words indicating the address does not belong to a real person.

Keep these best practices in mind for your next email campaign and feel free to reach out for our expertise if your company needs help. At k.douglas marketing as strategic marketers, we are continually scanning business and consumer environments for our clients. Our job is to search what is happening and seek emerging or robust opportunities and target markets, so your marketing produces a higher return on investment.