Improve Your Marketing With DIY Video

Everyone loves a good video. Thanks to the Internet and social media, the video is one of the top communication tools in marketing whether used to explain a product or humor us. According to Filmora’s infographic, How To Choose Video Content and Which Video To Use by including a video on a landing page you can increase conversion by 80%.  The research continues to note videos build trust and 98% of users say they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. As far as the Internet, Google loves videos, and you have a 53X higher likelihood of ranking on the first page of Google by using videos. Over on social media, videos encourage social shares.

So, the big question is - why doesn't your website have video? Oh, right, creating videos can be very expensive, and they get outdated quickly. Enter the latest trend – the Do-It-Yourself or DIY video. While most videos do require a professional’s touch, a quick DIY video can fill the gaps. In fact, some of the best videos were shot on the phone. In Entrepreneur’s article How to Create a Successful DIY Video on a Budget, it notes as an expert in your field you likely have experience and advice that's important to others. So before you invest time or money in creating a video for your needs, your customers' interests, and the requirements of social platforms, think about what is the best fit for the information you have to offer and the optimal video length.

Choose The Right Type of Video
DIY videos types can range from Explainer, Demonstration, Customer Testimonials, to a Facebook Live.

If your business uses difficult to understand industry terminology or has unique features, an Explainer video can help clarify. These videos focus on explaining business ideas in simple, engaging ways by using clear and concise language.

The Demonstration video introduces a product or service and showcases the benefits.  They explain how something works and urges users to buy products or services by showing how they solve a problem, make life more enjoyable, or simplify a process.

Customer Testimonials can show your customer's real feelings and build trust. They entice the audiences by offering a human story and a real person to connect to it through their voice, body language, emotion, and empathy.

Using an embedded video player, you can quickly add Facebook Live videos to your website. This recently added feature has taken over as the number one social network video. Since the broadcasting happens in real-time, it’s perfect for engaging users and raising brand awareness. Plus, Facebook Live offers total creative freedom and can include everything from question/answer sessions to sneak peeks of your next product.

Length Can Make or Break Your Video
But it’s not just the type of video that’s important - it’s the proper length. Customer’s attention spans are at an all-time low. The longer a video, the more likely your customers will not see it through. Your video should only be as long as necessary to get your point across. According to research done by SumoMe, videos up to 2 minutes long get tons of engagement and more than three minutes long can be a bust. 30-90 seconds is the sweet spot, except Demonstration videos that can be 1-3 minutes. However, according to research by WISAT, there is a significant drop-off between 2 and 3 minutes. After 2 minutes every second counts. While some content may warrant a longer video, you would be better off removing as much as you can from the last 30 seconds of a 2-minute 30-second video to keep viewers' attention.

As for the length of a Facebook Live, longer is better. These are live broadcasts, so every extra second is a chance to hook a new viewer. Don’t be cheap on time but be sure to have something interesting happening the length of the broadcast or you will lose your audience.

Promote Your Video
Lastly, be sure to promote your video. Just because you have one doesn’t mean everyone will know about or find it. Have a launch and a creative promotion to go with it.  Remember, today’s users are busy and have small attention spans, so short and sweet is a safe strategy unless you are doing Facebook Live.

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